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WedgedIn Friendly Flatpack

Welcome to WedgedIn, a radical sustainable flatpack furniture system which combines innovative carpentry and zero-waste philosophy in order to bring sustainable, stress-free furnishing solutions to your home.

In a world where furniture permanence is mostly found using glues, plastic spray finishes and non-biodegradable materials, WedgedIn introduces simple-to-assemble, sustainable, hard-wearing furniture for those who believe in quality craftsmanship.

Through the innovative WedgedIn jointing process, flat-pack frustration is now a thing of the past. Using new push in and tap tight joints, furniture has never been so easy to assemble.

Manufactured following the Zen Principal of the unformed block, having respect for the materials and trying to keep waste as low as possible, WedgedIn products not only provide the joy of beautiful wooden furniture but also offer an alternative to the waste caused by the unnecessary fixings in conventional flat pack.


Simple-to-assemble, sustainable and hard-wearing, WedgedIn is the natural evolution in home décor for those who believe in quality, ethical craftsmanship.

Unlike other flatpack creations, what we offer through WedgedIn is a true connection to the materials as well as removing flatpack frustrations such as complex assembly, losing loose nuts and bolts and the disappointment of low quality materials.

We successfully completed our Kickstarter campaign in Dec 2021, exceeding our target by almost 264%! For those who haven't seen it, our kickstarter video can be viewed here.

Ben Fletcher

Owner & Founder

Ben Fletcher

Owner & Founder

Raimondo Moy

Marketing Director