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A beautiful design, perfect for the bed or sofa-side

This design is the perfect addition to any proud household. Art nouveau in style, this elegant yet deceptively sturdy table is perfect for the bedside, as an end table or for softening entrances into foyers.


A versatile and intricate gothic-style design

An intricate gothic-style design made purely out of a singular sheet of wood. Elevating the design of any room, this versatile table can also be heightened using optional leg extenders at your convenience.


Minimalistic, simplistic and modern

The Corb design is the perfect addition to any proud household. The tallest and most austere of the three designs, currently available in natural finished or coloured finished versions.


Arrange in any pattern that you choose

These handy hooks are made from recycled offcuts, simple to assemble, strong and feature the classic wedgedIn joint. Available in naturally finished or colour finished versions.

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WedgedIn Friendly Flatpack

The world’s first sustainable flatpack furniture which combines both innovative carpentry and zero-waste philosophy in order to bring sustainable, stress-free furnishing solutions to your home.


£ 179.00 GBP


£ 199.00 GBP


£ 179.00 GBP


£ 199.00 GBP


£ 25.00 GBP
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Our Process

Simple-to-assemble, sustainable and hard-wearing, WedgedIn is the natural evolution in home décor for those who believe in quality, ethical craftsmanship.

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Join The Revolution...

Through the innovative wedgedIn jointing process, flat-pack frustration of the plastic bags full of little bits can now be thing of the past.

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