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£ 25.00 GBP

These handy hooks are made from recycled offcuts, are super strong, simple to invisibly fix, and can be arranged in any pattern that you choose.

Made with a single lovely strong classic wedgedIn joint, available in naturally finished or colour finished versions.


Height: 150mm | Diameter: 150mm




Simple-to-assemble, sustainable and hard-wearing, WedgedIn is the natural evolution in home décor for those who believe in quality, ethical craftsmanship.

  • Simple-to-assemble system, sustainable, hard-wearing

  • Removing flatpack frustrations such as complex assembly

  • Flatpack furniture which combines innovative carpentry and zero-waste

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Eleanor F

Got my hooks, I love them, such a joy to put together, now working out my patterns - thank you

Anthony TH

Love the concept and hook design. Can't wait to see your future designs. I'm wondering if you have plans for bigger furniture pieces

Robert R

My hooks just arrived and must say I think they're great - easy to assemble and looks fantastic